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I was reserching the different tactics on what things football managers do in order to outwit opponents when i came across this article about the 1966 world cup. As an Englishman with a great passsion for football this happens to be one of our greatest achievements within the game and it was inspired by the legendary “Bobby Moore”. Winning the world cup is the highest achievment in football but beating the Germans in the final was the icing on the cake!

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Throughout the duration of the course I have learnt a lot about the different types of technology that can be used throughout PE. Blogging has been part of the school program for the past 2 years and been good to get information to the students about course material, assessments and feedback from different modules. Being interested in the Dartfish sports analysis program I found this
course to be a great way of exploring it more as it formed part of one of the assessments. Here I enjoyed putting together a screen cast so that other people could refer to it and gain an idea of how the program works. I used this whilst I was coaching my girls JV football team to give accurate video feedback to students on their shooting performance Dartfish

This allowed me break the skill and technique down so we could see the fine motor skills. It also allowed me to email the finished product to the students where I required them to analyse their own performance and give feedback on their findings.

With the introduction of IB Sports, Exercise and Health Science next year I feel that I’m becoming familiar with the program and what it can do, also I feel relatively confident in putting together a screen cast that will be a great learning tool for the students next year. The benefits of the screen cast are that there is that personal connection between video and speaking, the information can easily be distributed through blogs and other webpages.

One of the best things that we have completed on the course was the WIKI regarding PE Apps WIKI Apps

Here I feel that as a group we produced some very good Apps that can be used in and throughout PE. This can also be distributed across the department so each App can be tried and tested for its benefits. We are also currently in the process of getting Ipads for the PE department to use. This will not only benefit the teacher but students also have access to the different apps, for example
Anatomy and Physiology – students here can use the app to revise for a quiz:  A & P App

Our WIKI has also been posted on twitter where it is being followed by other users who are interested in what we are posting. One of the reason we started this was when we heard about Mr Robbo “The PE Geek”  who has recently produced a PE App for Apps.

I would go as far as saying that I learnt more from this course than first imagined. I like some of the ideas about technology in
classrooms as I can easily apply this to PE. One thing that I am interested to research and discover more about is web conferencing. I think that this could be a valuable tool when teaching IB next year as you can share teaching ideas with other groups/schools across the world at nearly real-time.  Applications for web conferencing include meetings, training events, lectures, or short presentations from any computer.


This is a project that a group of us are currently working on regarding PE Apps. We are putting together a list of the Apps out there that can be used in and throughout PE.





I came across this article that is interesting about how much students learn from playing games. In my subject I think that the majority of students learn more and get more effective feedback from getting the skill wrong. I also find that they are able to retain this for longer periods of time.—Why-Playing-Games-is-Important-For-Learning&id=3015984




Check this out, when sport hurts!





Over the last week I have been trying to familiarize myself with the Dartfish sports analysis program. I decided to use the technology to analyse the girls football team that I coach whilst they performed a penalty kick. I was able to look at the group as a whole, cut the video to focus on individuals and use split screen so I could view two students kicking the ball at the same time.  Some of the functions also allowed me to slow the clip down so I could focus on the fine motor skills. The final product is better than I expected as I can email this to the students where they can comment and analyse their own and others performance.


Here is the link to our Volleyball podcast

Live Volleyball


I have been following the “PE Geeks blog” who have been posting anything from lesson plans to the latest technology regarding Apps. This is particularly helpful with student research and homework

Currently during the personal fitness unit we are discussing the human body and using the work  by Mr Robbo (THE BODY BROWSER) as a ideal tool to share information and research for unit tests.

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How important is Physical Education?

As there are still growing concerns about the importance of physical education throughout schools I think that this is a good article that addresses just how important it is for children to be active.

PE and Health

Technology in Physical Education

As technology is becoming more involved in teaching I would like to use this course to incorporate IT into physical education program. Personally I would like to look at the different programs available that can be used to share information on the ways teachers teach. I have recently found twitter to be interesting as I have read tweets from people all over the world where they have shared their experiences of good and bad practice. It has also been good for personal development and allows you to experiment with different teaching ideas. Also with the introduction of IB Sports, exercise and health science next year IT will be a good tool to analyse sports techniques and varsity athletes. The technology of split screens (Dartfish) and comparing a students performance against that of an elite athlete is a means to increase standards where students can visually see where improvements need to be made. This can also be placed on different internet sites where other sports analysts/professionals can access and comment.

Please see the link below and see how the Dartfish program can improve performance. You WILL be amazed!!!

Dartfish Demo

There are also many apps that are being used throughout PE at the moment, for example:

Sprint Finish

Fitness Pro

Interval Timer

PE Geek

Does web 2.0 change teaching and learning? If so, how? (If not, why not?)

Web 2.0 is having a positive effect on the way we seek information. With technology rapidly increasing there is so many more resources that will not only enhance performance but also encourage different ways in which we teach. It is also ways where everyone can communicate and have a voice. People can collaborate from all over the world, we have seen this particularly via the social networking sites. Today’s world is based around hand held devises and is arguable one of the best ways in which students learn.  I have seen improvements to students grades throughout PE by the use of blog postings and them using the web as a means to find reliable information.


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