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Mark Cooling – EDC601

How important is Physical Education?

As there are still growing concerns about the importance of physical education throughout schools I think that this is a good article that addresses just how important it is for children to be active.

PE and Health

Technology in Physical Education

As technology is becoming more involved in teaching I would like to use this course to incorporate IT into physical education program. Personally I would like to look at the different programs available that can be used to share information on the ways teachers teach. I have recently found twitter to be interesting as I have read tweets from people all over the world where they have shared their experiences of good and bad practice. It has also been good for personal development and allows you to experiment with different teaching ideas. Also with the introduction of IB Sports, exercise and health science next year IT will be a good tool to analyse sports techniques and varsity athletes. The technology of split screens (Dartfish) and comparing a students performance against that of an elite athlete is a means to increase standards where students can visually see where improvements need to be made. This can also be placed on different internet sites where other sports analysts/professionals can access and comment.

Please see the link below and see how the Dartfish program can improve performance. You WILL be amazed!!!

Dartfish Demo

There are also many apps that are being used throughout PE at the moment, for example:

Sprint Finish

Fitness Pro

Interval Timer

PE Geek

Does web 2.0 change teaching and learning? If so, how? (If not, why not?)

Web 2.0 is having a positive effect on the way we seek information. With technology rapidly increasing there is so many more resources that will not only enhance performance but also encourage different ways in which we teach. It is also ways where everyone can communicate and have a voice. People can collaborate from all over the world, we have seen this particularly via the social networking sites. Today’s world is based around hand held devises and is arguable one of the best ways in which students learn.  I have seen improvements to students grades throughout PE by the use of blog postings and them using the web as a means to find reliable information.


4 Responses to “Mark Cooling – EDC601”

  1. I really liked that video Mark. I’d like to get dartfish working in my classroom. Maybe we can get a full time TA who is just in charge of videoing and entering video into Dartfish for us to see.

  2. Dartfish is super cool . . . I have seen in demonstrations before but my previous school in the UK could not afford it – looks like it would take a lot of time though!

  3. Dartfish is a good tool to analyse performance. We did try this at my old school in the UK with A-Level pe students. They seemed to get a lot out of it as they could compare their techniques against that of an elite performer.

  4. I’m sure students will be so interested in seeing their own performance with Dartfish. If it’s too much for PE class, definitely for IASAS athletes. IT meets PE. Interesting.

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