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I have been following the “PE Geeks blog” who have been posting anything from lesson plans to the latest technology regarding Apps. This is particularly helpful with student research and homework

Currently during the personal fitness unit we are discussing the human body and using the work  by Mr Robbo (THE BODY BROWSER) as a ideal tool to share information and research for unit tests.

PE Geek



2 Responses to “PE GEEKS”

  1. I am trying to get more info about teh PE Geek. How do you think you will use the information from the PE Geek in your lessons this semester?

  2. Thanks for your comment. I think that the students will find the section on “Body Brower” particularly interesting as they revise for unit tests in muscls and movement and anatomy and physiology. With the installation of the internet throughout our fitness suite for all treadmills, cross trainers and cycles, the students now have access to surf the internet whilst they are working out. With the “PE GEEK” Blog i am able to direct them to what i want them to study whilst they continue with their workout.

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